My name is Ferdinand and I am already nine years active as a dive instructor in Bunaken National Park. Here on Bunaken they call me Nan, so you may also call me by that name. I have ever started in the Netherlands with diving as a hobby. I enjoyed this so much that I spend all my free time with it and so I continued to study. After about 1000 dives I was a dive instructor and became very active at a local dive school in the Netherlands and I started to organise trips for divers. Beside The Netherlands I have dived a lot in Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, France, Austria and Egypt. Now, after thousands of dives I have settled on Bunaken and offer PADI and NAUI dive training courses from there.

All diver training courses are being taught in a very open and friendly atmosphere. With regard to a time schedule we are very flexible. Most of the times the courses are being taught in small groups of up to four persons. We don't put you under time pressure and if you need more time, we will give it to you. The time schedules mentioned below are an indication of the fastest possible.

Open Water course

This is the first level where a dive certificate can be received that enables you to dive without further professional guidance. The training course takes three to four days, a lot of practice is involved and during the training a total of six dives in open water will be made. In addition to the dives there will be several theory sessions and the course will be completed with a theory exam. Costs of this training course depends on the number of students. Price on request.

Advanced Open Water course

This training course is the follow up of the Open Water Diver Course and is more focused on the practical issues of diving. A total of five theme dives will be made. Two of these dives are mandatory, a deep dive and a navigation dive. The three remaining dives are being selected by the student together with the dive instructor. Time schedule is three days. Costs of this training course depends on the number of students. Price on request.

Rescue course

With this training course several skills will be learned to prevent problems and how to solve them. Also will be taught how to find and rescue other divers that are in distress. This course also contains a substantial theory part and will of course be completed with a theory exam. Time schedule is four to five days. Price on request.

Dive master course

If you start with this level you want to become a professional. In this training course you will be taught how to independent run a dive center and handle customers, dive equipment, rules and legislation. In addition the course teaches you how to assist the dive instructor during a dive course. This training course requires a substantial amount of time and the time schedule will be made together with a dive instructor. Average time is about one month. Price on request.

Furthermore it is also possible to follow several specialty diver training courses.
Please contact me for more information:

Ferdinand Nuij
Email: info@golearntodive.com