Siladen is located East of Bunaken island and from the West side of Siladen one can have a beautiful view of Bunaken National Park. Siladen is the smallest island of the park and has therefore only a few resorts. Normally there will be a lot less tourists on Siladen than there will be on Bunaken. The island has about 300 residents en there is only one small village. The daily activities for visitors will mainly be diving, snorkeling, swimming and relaxing. Siladen is really an island where one can enjoy the quietness and of course the tropical climate. As for Bunaken, there are no cars on Siladen and walking is the only means of transportation.

How to get to Siladen

As for Bunaken it depends on what you have agreed upon with your resort on Siladen. Usually they will pick you up from the airport and then bring you straight to Siladen. If this is not the case you can take a taxi to the harbour of Manado (Pelabuhan Manado) and take the public boat to Siladen from there. The public boat commutes once per day from Siladen to Manado and vice versa. It leaves Siladen to Manado every morning between 8 and 9 and returns from Manado to Siladen between 2 and 3 in the afternoon. The crossing takes just less than an hour and the public boat goes every day except Sundays and public holidays. Another option from Manado is to charter a speedboat that will bring you to the resort of your choice on Siladen. Negotiate the price in advance with the captain of the speedboat and be very clear about your destination on Siladen. The tourists rate for the public boat is IDR 50.000 (approx. € 3,50) per person for a single trip Manado - Siladen or back. To hire a speedboat, the price ranges from IDR 250.000 to IDR 600.000 (approx. € 17 to € 41) per trip depending on the time, size of the speedboat, number of people and of course your negotiation skills (Rates in early-2015).

Stay on Siladen

Just as for Bunaken it is also wise for Siladen to already book an accommodation from abroad. Especially during the high season it is well possible that all the resorts are fully booked.

A recommendable resort on Siladen is Bobocha Siladen, located on the West side of the island. Bobocha Siladen is a small and comfortable resort with a beautiful coral reef at its doorstep and it offers an amazing view on Bunaken National Park.